Arturo Fuente Opus X 2000 Limited Humidor Red Madrona




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  1. As the limited edition humidor for year 2000, Prometheus International, Inc. produced 1,000 Fuente Fuente OpusX desk-top humidors.

The humidors were produced in five different veneers:

Red Madrona (300)
Amboyna (300)
Yellow Eye Maple (100)
Macassar (100)
Walnut (100)

Each finish came in the 20 cigar size except Red Madrona which were available in both 20 and 12 cigar sizes.

Each humidor was lined with mahogany inside and equipped with Prometheus Travel Humidity Regulator and Digital Hygrometer/Thermometer.

Each humidor came with:
Leather Carrying case embroidered with the FFOX TM logo
Limited Edition FFOX V cutter
20 assorted FFOX cigars as shown below

FFOX Double Corona 2 Cigars size:7 5/8 X 49
FFOX Fuente Fuente 3Cigars size: 5 5/8 X 46
FFOX Perfecxion #2 2Cigars size:6 3/8 X 52
FFOX Perfecxion #5 1Cigar Size:4 7/8 X 40
FFOX Perfecxion X 1Cigar Size:6 1/4 X 49
FFOX Petit Lancero 2Cigars Size: 6 1/4 X 39
FFOX Reserva D'Chateau 2Cigars Size: 7 X 48
FFOX Robusto 2Cigars Size: 5 1/4 X 50
FFOX Super Belicosos 2Cigars Size: 5 1/2 x 52
FFOX X to the Third Power (Bellicoso XXX) 3Cigars Size: 4 5/8 X 49

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