Dark Domain 2012 Toro Maduro

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Brought to you by the makers of Aging Room, #2 Cigar of the Year, Dark Domain consists of Dominican Criollo '98 fillers, a Piloto Cubano binder, and a San Andrés Maduro wrapper from Mexico. It's a complex blend of some top-notch tobacco which results in a medium-to-full bodied smoke.

The Dark Domain Toro Connecticut is a bit of a misnomer had this been the flagship blend of this brand.  You see, this Dark Domain is actually quite light, at least in wrapper color.  The profile is smooth to medium, which sets the stage for this blend to impress and surprise you.  The wrapper is a leaf from Connecticut that has a beautiful and even toned color that resembles cashews or butterscotch.  The wrapper leaf smells of malt, dark spices, and hearty bread.  The aromas from the wrapper tend more towards grains than wood.  The filler smells quite earthy and of aged hay.  You really get a sense that the tobacco that contributed to this cigar has been nicely seasoned, even before this blend was rolled.
Once cut, savor the subtle notes of the cold draw that consists of a delicious vanilla and a dusty graham note.  Upon lighting, the aroma is big, crisp, and clean.  Be thorough when toasting the foot to ensure you start smoking this cigar with a good even light.  There is a filler leaf in there that is quite thick and can be stubborn to get going.  The draw is firm with a good volume of smoke.  The Dark Domain Connecticut is a prime example of a full-bodied, full-flavored, and medium profile cigar.  It’s big, chewy, and tasty, but not so potent that you’re going to burn your head off.   This is a great success from the boutique-inspired shop of Aging Room because it delivers so much flavor and body with such a mellow balance of profile.Enjoy this steady-burning Toro as it transforms into a good, dense, medium gray ash that holds solid to a half-inch, though perhaps not fully trustworthy to hold out for a full inch.  Straight through from first light to final ash, this blend performs admirably and offers a finish that is balanced and medium in length and repeats an honest representation of the broader profile, as it trails off.  While Dark Domain may not be the optimal name to capture what this blend truly has to offer, it certainly wears the Connecticut title with excellence and grace.

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