Davidoff Premium Selection Samplers 12 Cigar Assortment

Box of 12



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Davidoff Premium Selection 12 Cigar Assortment

Davidoff has taken some of its best-selling cigars and has placed them in a beautiful gift box. Experience rejuvenate selections for the contemporary cigar enthusiast. A new contemporary wooden box with a white base created to delight Davidoff consumers, cigar novices, gifters and collectors.

This selection embodies the Davidoff experience of flavors and aromas. Created for the aficionado searching for a wide variety of great Premium cigars.

Cigar Assortment:

  • Signature No. 2
  • Signature 2000
  • Signature 4000*
  • Grand Cru No. 4*
  • Grand Cru No. 2
  • Aniversario Short Perfecto
  • Aniversario Special R
  • Anniversaries No. 3
  • Aniversario Special T
  • Millennium Petit Corona
  • Millennium Robusto
  • Millennium Piramides

*Select cigar offerings can only be found in the 12 Cigar Selection: Signature 4000 and Grand Cru No 4.

United States Exclusive

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