Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ Selectos

Box of 20
5 Pack



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Don Pepin Garcia was making cigars many decades ago, but he wanted to pass on his knowledge and tradition to his family. He trained his son, Jaime, in the ways of tobacco and together they blended this modern masterpiece: the Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ. The "JJ" in the cigar's name stands for Jose (Pepinäó»s first name) and Jaime. The Don Pepin Garcia Series JJ is medium to full-bodied cigar with tons of complexity and richness. The Series JJ is a Nicaraguan puro composed of Corojo wrapper, a Criollo binder and a mixture of Corojo and Criollo long filler tobaccos. The flavors are deep and rich carrying distinct flavors of earth with loads of spice. The finish is smooth and creamy with hints of coffee.

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