Espinosa Reggae Robusto Grande

Box of 20
5 Pack



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Espinosa Reggae Cigars Espinosa Premium Cigars, a company known for its delicious boutique blends, was started by cigar mastermind Erik Espinosa. A native of Cuba, Espinosa has been a climber in the cigar world since 1997, developing many marquee brands prior to launching Espinosa Premium Cigars in 2011. Continuing to do things "His Way", Espinosa has launched a new line of cigars dedicated to the lifestyle and music of Jamaica. The first Cigar in the series, Espinosa Reggae, is a familiar name to his fans. Originally planned to be part of the limited Backroom Series, this Ecuadorian wrapped cigar filled with native Jamaican and Nicaraguan tobacco has undoubtedly earned the stage it is on. Grab a box today!

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