HR Blue By Hirochi Robaina Toro

Box of 20
5 Pack



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HR Cigars By Hirochi Robaina; the grandson of late Don Alejandro Robaina, the world-renowned Cuban Tobacco grower whose family has grown some of the world's finest tobaccos on their Pinar Del Rio farm since 1800’s. The legacy continues with Hirochi who has taken over the reins of the Robaina farm. After spending sometime on their farm back in 2009 we saw first-hand the skill, knowledge and understanding of tobacco that both Don Alejandro and Hirochi possess.The HR Blue label is full-bodied Ecuadorian Habano Maduro that is said to be “very aggressive”. This blend is not for the novice cigar smoker. This full-bodied stick is meant for the big boys. Best part about this line isn’t the flavor profile it’s the price! Try them out today.

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