Padron 1926 Series No. 9 Maduro Box 10

Box of 10



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It is not hyperbole to describe the Padrón 1926 Series as one of the best cigars in the world. It is difficult to find a regular production cigar with more acclaim and consistently high ratings than the 1926 Serie. These cigars are made with the Padrón's most well-aged Nicaraguan tobaccos, which deliver smooth and hearty smoke. When we say these cigars are made with well-aged tobacco, where aren't kidding. The Padrón's vertically integrated tobacco operation, they oversee their cigars from seed to box, allows them to gather up stores of aged tobacco. The 1926 Serie features tobacco that is aged between 5 to 10 years!Introduced in 2002 to celebrate José O. Padrón's 75th birthday, this rich, powerful smoke is nuanced and complex, full of dark chocolate, coffee and sweet spiciness. The Padrón family is driven by the compulsion to only produce the most consistent and excellent cigars in the world. The limited production Padrón Anniversary Series 1926 are box pressed and available in either Maduro or Natural wrappers. Smoking a Padron is truly an unforgettable experience.

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