Viaje 10th Anniversary Black Jar of 24

Jar of 24



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Viaje's very strongest.

For over a decade, Viaje has been crafting some of the most coveted, limited production cigars in the industry. From an annual Full Moon release to the Zombie line of cigars, and even over to its one-and-dones — fans can’t seem to get enough. To mark its 10th Anniversary, of course Viaje released a cigar, and its something very very special.

Viaje 10th Anniversary Black is a Nicaraguan puro with an oily Criollo '98 wrapper. Underneath that leaf, lies a Criollo-heavy recipe of black tobaccos. Stronger than the 10th Anniversary White, but with less spice, Black boasts a creamy core of roasted nuts, cashews, cookie dough, red fruits, cocoa, and coffee. Very strong, very full-bodied. Contained in a beautiful, collectible ceramic jar, this is certainly a wonderful way to celebrate Viaje's victorious 10th. These cigars are truly exceptional and deserve a spot in the humidors of discerning aficionados, collectors, and anyone who likes the best of the best.

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