Viaje Super Shot Buckshot 12 Gauge

Box of 25



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Andre Farkas, owner of Viaje Cigar has been creating blends that have been receiving tremendous accolades throughout the cigar industry. Not only that, his blends almost always sell out lightning fast due to the extremely limited availability of each line released.

Alert! The ever-popular Viaje Supershot Series is back in stock! Released for the first time in 2012, it was originally intended to be Viaje CEO Andre Farkas's personal go-to blend while out shooting clay targets. There are two available sizes, each named after a different sized shotgun shell caliber. The boxes also resemble packs that shotgun shells are sold in.

The limited edition Viaje Super Shot Buckshot limited production was a concept created by Viaje owner Andre Farkas coming from his hobby of clay skeet shooting. Packaged in a cardboard box resembling a shotgun shell box, these cigars are short, fat and powerful. The Viaje Super Shot Buckshot line consists of two sizes, a 3 1/2 x 54 named the "10 Gauge" and the 3 1/4 x 52 named the "12 Gauge."

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