Zino Platinum Z-Crown Stout

Box of 10
Box of 10



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The Z -Crown features a Semilla 253 Yamasa wrapper that was aged 8 years before being rolled then aged another 4 years before being released!The Zino Platinum Z-Crown Series was created with Superior Dominican Tobaccos Aged 8 Years. Expertly blended with tobaccos specifically chosen to accentuate exceptional flavors. Rolled and rested for 4 Years to reach peak maturity. The end result of 12 Years of impeccable care and patience.

Davidoff’s Zino Brand enjoys the distinction of being one of the foremost premium brands in the modern Cigar era. Within the Zino brand, the Platinum line is the Premier Premium line and with the launch of the Zino Platinum Z-Crown line of cigars, we have reached a new level of cigar excellence that we have come to call “Super Royal Premier Premium” around the office.With the Zino Z-Crown you can really feel the company’s creed of “Settling for nothing less than perfection” at work with this masterpiece. The process for creating these works of tobacco art spans more than 12 years from start to finish.
The Z-Crown comes in two sizes, Stout and Chubby, each with their own unique blend of curated tobaccos. What they have in common is their use of superior Dominican tobaccos each aged by master tobacconists for a period of 8 years. The Master Blender then carefully curates a blend of tobacco leaves specifically chosen to accentuate the exceptional flavor and smell.  The cigars are then expertly rolled and rested for 4 years, which allows them to reach peak maturity, at which point they are individually packed into their own coffins and then placed in a luxurious box.
As with all limited edition releases, Zino released a limited run of 1,000 boxes, so these cigars won’t be around for long. While the price may be a bit of a stretch for the average consumer, the true connoisseur, with an elevated pallet, and disposable income, will not want to miss out on this one of a kind cigar.

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